Chris Rice

Production Manager, Semikron Danfoss USA

„ I like working at Semikron Danfoss because there’s always something new to discover and learn, internally and alongside our customers.“

My name is Chris Rice. At Semikron Danfoss USA, I am responsible for our production of Power Electronic Stack (Solutions and Systems). In this role, I am in charge of the Production and Test employees. My job requires me to work proactively with all departments within Semikron Danfoss on a daily basis. My duties include managing production personnel, production scheduling and assembly line setup. I thrive on delivering quality products to our customers in an on-time fashion.

I like working at SEMIKRON...

...because there’s always something new to discover and learn, both internally and alongside our customers. SEMIKRON has always promoted a friendly atmosphere and opportunities to individuals looking to excel. Teaching and working with employees has brought me great pleasure and satisfaction throughout my years at SEMIKRON!


Chris Rice joined SEMIKRON in 1985. He started in production as an assembler. He then went on to become a Leader of a Production Line and with further experience a Supervisor of the Production floor. SEMIKRON supported him with outside training such as Leadership Dynamics, Business Management, Engineering Graphics, (Drafting,) AutoCAD (and Bullet Proof Management) etc. With this education combined with the valuable experience he gained across assembly he decided to move into Engineering.

As a Mechanical Designer Chris Rice developed several technologies and brought them to patent. As the company continued to grow, so did Chris Rice. After 12 years as a Mechanical Designer he moved into the Production Manager’s position that he enjoys today.