Hannes Bauer

Equipment Design Engineer, Semikron Danfoss Germany

"What I really value about my job is the flexibility I have in my decision-making and, of course, the people I work with."

I started my training in mechatronics at Semikron Danfoss in 2008. I spent the first year and a half of my basic technical training at a training centre run by Siemens, one of Semikron Danfoss cooperation partners. My training then continued at Semikron Danfoss, where I had the opportunity to learn in all the different fields—chip production, modules, systems, power hybrids and the repair shop. I learned how machines and systems are made and modified. I even got the chance to try my hand at milling and wiring control cabinets. What I found really amazing was learning how to draw electric and pneumatic circuits.

Once I had completed my apprenticeship, I started training to be a mechanical engineering technician alongside my job. The things I learned here were valuable skills that I use every day in my position as production equipment engineer.

My daily tasks as a production equipment engineer

Today, my work tasks include everything from planning and designing production equipment and apparatus to incorporating new equipment into the production process. The design software SolidWorks is an absolute must for my daily work. From the initial concept to final implementation, I’m part of the process from start to finish.

"I really enjoy working at Semikron Danfoss. My work is really interesting and challenges me with a variety of tasks every day."

I work on the shop floor where I'm part of alternating project teams. We perform measurements and investigate the different parameters and ambient conditions. What is crucial for us as teams are precise scheduling, coordination, well-organized documentation and, of course, team spirit.


Hannes Bauer began his career at SEMIKRON as an apprentice mechatronics engineer. At the end of his apprenticeship, he was taken on by the company where he began working in process and automation. He then decided to further his professional development and, whilst remaining in employment with us, started training to be a mechanical engineering technician. As at any other time, Hannes continued to receive the company’s full support in this undertaking. He wrote his final project paper on a topic relating to our SKiM 63/93 product family.

Hannes was then granted professional development leave, which gave him the time needed to achieve excellent results, earning him the prestigious award from the Bavarian State Government, the "Meisterpreis der Bayerischen Staatsregierung". Once a qualified mechanical engineering technician, Hannes moved to the Design Engineering division of SEMIKRON where he is now responsible for designing and implementing custom built production equipment.