Martina Lucka

Process Engineer

"For me, what makes Semikron Danfoss so great are the people. Everyone is always happy to help or give advice if you need it."

I have been working as a process engineer at Semikron Danfoss since 2016. My main task is printing thermal interface material onto our power modules. I like the fact that my job is very versatile, from hands-on tasks such as process supervision to production process development, and designing and testing new print layouts for thermal paste application. When a new production line was to be developed for TIM application, for example, I was on board immediately. Planning is definitely my thing, especially when I get to be involved in coordinating and monitoring the different stages of implementation.

My job also brings me into contact with lots of colleagues in our different divisions, even colleagues at other production sites such as Italy, Slovakia or China, who I speak to regularly. This is what makes my work so varied and so interesting, sometimes even stressful, but definitely in the positive sense of the word. But it all comes to down to good planning combined with a healthy measure of flexibility so I manage fine.

Before starting as a process engineer, I did my bachelor thesis on Product Qualification at Semikron Danfoss. Even back then, the team drew upon my theoretical knowledge in whatever projects were underway at the time. This made me quickly feel part of the team.

"I’ve always been very happy at Semikron Danfoss, even back when I was a student doing my dissertation."

There is no trace of rigid hierarchies, and employees and management are pretty much on an equal footing. The flexible work schedules make the atmosphere so relaxed, also because everyone feels they can organize their working day themselves. I feel really settled and happy at SEMIKRON.


Martina Lucka started an apprenticeship in industrial electronics engineering at SEMIKRON in 2008. During this time, what started as an interest in technology and engineering quickly became a passion. When she had completed her 3-year apprenticeship, Martina decided to take the university qualifying examinations

and went on to study electrical engineering and information technology at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology Georg Simon Ohm. She returned to SEMIKRON to complete her dissertation, and ultimately joined the company as a process engineer.