Nature Zhu

Logistics Supervisor, Semikron Danfoss China

“I’m very proud of being a member of Semikron Danfoss, which is one of the leading companies in the semiconductor market and a great contributor to China’s new energy industry.”

My name is Nature Zhu. I joined Semikron Danfoss in 2005 as a Reception clerk when Semikron Danfoss China established in Zhuhai. At the beginning when SKCN Zhuhai was set up, the company’s organization was building up gradually and extra hands were often needed from Logistics department. I was willing to take more jobs besides my responsibility in Reception. Along with the company’s development, my job scope extended as well. Today I am a Logistics Supervisor.

My daily tasks as a Logistics Supervisor

As a Logistics Supervisor; I am responsible for planning works. My task is to keep production operating with sufficient materials supplies, as well as to control the inventory in a reasonable level. In order to achieve this task, I should cooperate well with sales, procurement, and production; timely recognize the tendency of market and customers’ needs; place orders to purchase materials and appropriately arrange to produce; and then deliver the products in time to meet our customers’ needs. Nevertheless, it is not possible to make a forecast with 100% accuracy in a dynamic market. What I need to do is to be more flexible and always to be prepared for changes.


Nature Zhu joined SEMIKRON China in 2005, when the location was established. She belongs to one of the first employees in Zhuhai, China. From 2005 to 2007 she worked as a Reception clerk. Later on she used the chance to transfer within SEMIKRON in July 2007 to the department of Logistics. She started in Customer Services. SEMIKRON supported her career with several trainings like Product introduction, Navision operating, Warehouse management, PMC etc., and provided her the chance to take new jobs and challenges. Today she is a Logistics Supervisor at SEMIKRON China. As a logistics supervisor, she is responsible for production material control (PMC), warehouse management, and other Logistics issues.