Our Global

Leadership Principles

The Foundation for our Success

The creation of successful working relationships has a significant role in the success of the business. Our global understanding of leadership (leadership essentials) therefore sets general rules for cooperation and the leadership behaviour desired throughout the company. It is also an integral part of the selection and development of our leaders.

The principle of the company founder Dr. Friedrich Josef Martin (1914-1974) is therefore our leadership guiding principle and the basis for our success.

"At SEMIKRON we have faith in our employees. Our management staff set out clearly defined expectations for their teams, supporting them in their progress and giving open and honest feedback. They the space needed for each and every one of their staff to hone their skills and use their initiative, enabling them to take on responsibility within the scope of their role and meet performance goalsprovide."

Dr. Friedrich Josef Martin

Driving Change

Change is the key to growth and personal development.

  • I see where change is needed and take action.
  • I discuss changes with those affected, involve them in implementation and always follow through on my decisions.
  • I see change as an opportunity and explain the benefits of change.

We follow through on our decisions.

  • I am bold – I take decisions and stand by them.
  • I don’t simply throw in the towel or change my mind at the drop of a hat.

Mutual Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of our leadership concept and helps build trust and create strong cohesive teams.

  • I ensure that my communication and any information I deliver is transparent.
  • I communicate with my team on a regular basis and my communication is always timely and tailored to my audience.
  • I listen to my team.

Empowering our People

We know our people and engage and enable them to be the best they can be.

  • I recognise and play to the strengths of each and every team member.
  • I know and am mindful of my team members’ personal goals.
  • I recognise the individual development potential in my team and nurture it where I can.

Delegation is essential to good leadership.

  • I delegate to create more scope for guidance and leadership.
  • I acknowledge that each employee goes about achieving goals differently.
  • I delegate to help my team grow and evolve.
  • I delegate tasks, authority and responsibility to my team.

Building Stronger Teams

We create an environment of trust and cooperation.

  • I create a strong cohesive team, laying the foundations for them to evolve.
  • I have my team’s back.

We build strong teams.

  • My team does a good job in my absence.
  • I ensure continuity in the team composition and enable my team to flourish and develop.
  • I create a trusting and supportive climate for the diverse team I have built.

We develop and sustain results-driven high-performing teams.

  • I express my expectations clearly.
  • I create dedicated results-driven teams.
  • I create efficient structures and manage resources effectively and efficiently.

Growing Together

We are confident and collaborative.

  • I see the bigger picture beyond my department.
  • I do not have to please everyone and manage difficult situations effectively.
  • I strive to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

We cultivate a transparent error culture.

  • I see mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • I do not repeat mistakes but learn from them and expect the same of others.

Mutual feedback helps us grow together.

  • I actively request feedback to help me grow.
  • I give honest and respectful feedback.

Ensuring Success

Behind shared success is a high-performing team.

  • I expect everyone to give their best.
  • As a role model I push myself to perform to the utmost of my abilities.
  • I empower my team to grow and thrive.

We deliver excellent results on schedule.

  • My projects and plans are realistic – less is more!
  • I remove obstacles.
  • I set goals with ambitious timelines and valuable outcomes.
  • I set reasonable, achievable goals and implement transparent progress tracking.

We are driven by the desire to succeed.

  • I take joy in shared success.
  • I reward success in my team.


Flyer Leadership Principles

The behavioural anchors for the respective Leadership Principles can vary from country to country slightly in order to suit the specific culture. Information on these can be obtained directly from the respective country organisations.